Last Minute Valentine's!


Haven't gotten your honey anything for Valentine's yet? We've got you covered!  Come into Lula for one of these darling mini floral arrangements made by our friend @thespeckledpetal. Large are priced at $15, while the small version is priced at $12. They'll be arriving and available for purchase on Valentine's Day at Lula!

Care Package Delight!


Have a buddy under the weather? Come into Lula for the cutest mini care package! Some aromatherapy pillow spray will help them sleep, raw rose quartz will help the healing process, and the doggone cutest card ever will make them smile! 



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Friday 10:00ish - 8:00ish

Saturday Christmas Eve 10:00ish - 8:00ish

Closed Christmas Day and December 26th

Tuesday December 27th - 31st 11-6ish

Closed January 1st & 2nd 

We will Resume 2017 Hours on January 3rd

New goodies!!!!


WE GOT THE MOST AMAZING NEW MONTHLY AND WEEKLY PLANNERS. (There's one on the right edge of this display) I'll post more pics of them later! :)

This section is my favorite. Designed by our lovely Lula gal, Dee Money Mae ;)  

Fun times here at Lula, come on in and see for yourself!!!! 


Your black and whiteaholic blogger, 

Chelsea Mae

Halloween Costume Fun


These are so hilarious. And of course I have funny Halloween costume ideas for each mask.... Not only could you be a masked robber or possibly a character from the Purge with any of these, but there are many more options as well!!!! 

Sheep Mask: get a brown body suit. Line your neck with cotton balls or fake fur. Wear a pair of uggs, and BAM you are a UGG BOOT.  

Lion Mask: Jeans, Rasta T Shirt, gold chains, and mask... BAM you are Snoop Lion.

Bunny Mask: Obviously a sexy play boy bunny with this mask would be hilarious. Or a zombie Easter bunny. 

Puppy Mask: HOT DOG- I'd wear a body suit or sweat suit and paint flames all over it. (Snoop Dog costume will also work)

Pig Mask:  pig in a blanket...literally.. Just wear a blanket. 

Bear Mask- Smokey the Bear, chain smoking? Lol  

Or buy one of these for your kid and just let them be the adorable animal!!  

Hope some of of these made you laugh  ;)


Your Halloween freak blogger, 

Chelsea Mae


Cali Love


Time to rep your California pride! West Coast best coast!!!!  

We got lots and lots of cute Cali themed pillows in today that add perfectly to our collection of fun California products! I'm absolutely in love with the California Republic canvas water bottles! They come in two perfect sizes and fit perfectly in a purse, backpack or your hand on a hike when you're trying to beat this Cali heat. Another favorite of mine in the whole store ( everything is my favorite, who are we kidding) is the campfire themed Cali mug!!! It's perfect for your morning coffee, or in my case, tea!!!!  

I also spy in the background, our new baby sunglasses! They are seriously so adorable! They will help to keep your baby shaded from this NEVER ENDING HEAT.


Sincerely your California native shop girl, 

Chelsea Mae

Little Gifts of Love


We have gifts of all sort here at Lula Mae, and all the perfect "just because" presents. These little humping bunny salt and pepper shakers are sure to get your hunny or a friend laughing their little butts off!!!! Each one of our Sweet Heart tins are filled with our special little treats! And what's better than treats?? Literally nothing!!! We also have the perfect pillows to give anyone special in your life! Or to give yourself;) 

Spread a little love this week <3

Chelsea Mae

Sewing fun!


Here at Lula we have been getting ready for our fun filled Begining Sewing class. if you have never used a machine, or are new to using one then this is the class for you! We are sold out for this school season, but there will be more classes available after the holidays!!! In this class you get to learn all the basics of sewing, including how to make your very own tote bag. With the skills you learn in this class you should be able to make whatever your little heart desires, maybe even your own clothes!!!! 

Peace & Love, 

Chelsea Mae




Our birthday section is the shit!!!! Literally, we have poop emoji wrapping paper ;) So if you have a birthday coming up, or know someone with one then we are the place to come!!! And if you don't know anyone, then celebrate that is Joan Jett's birthday today. I won't say her age (that's rude).

While looking up famous people's birthdays I found a big list ranked by popularity. Who was #1-#12 you ask? Good question because I don't know any of them. But what I do know is that Joan Jett shouldn't be #13 on that list! Like, c'mon!!! That makes me feel old, and I'm only 22.

Anyways, wherever you are Joan, just know we care.. And you're number 1 in our hearts, and that we really really do love rock and roll. 

Your rock and roll Lula babe,

Chelsea Mae



Just A Friendly Reminder


Just a friendly reminder that........ HALLOWEEN IS COMING!!!! I'm so glad I was able to find my costume here, super early, before having to stress out the night before Halloween. (I didn't realize how nicely this hat would fit my huge head, I thought it was for children.....)

Costume idea- Buy this hat, buy a tan body suit, cover yourself in whipped cream and BAM you are now pumpkin pie.

Halloween Enthusiast and Obvious Costume Extraordinaire,

Chelsea Mae

Moon Rises Tonight — with a Subtle Lunar Eclipse




The full moon is in bloom tonight which means this is the best time to cleanse any crystals you have. Only if they need a good cleansing though! You can cleanse crystals buy keeping them out over night for a full cycle of the moon, but the full moon is the best time to do this. Soaking them in water is optional as well when doing this. Some people don't like using water, but sometimes I like to add some essential oils, or flowers to my water to cleanse them. And when I say cleanse I don't mean it in a physical way, think about it more as re-tuning the crystals energy. This might also be a good time to buy some Moonstone (we have it here in the shop and it is radiating)!! This would be a great time to cleanse a crystal you haven't used in a while, just to give it some good energy, and to recharge its properties.  

This is also a time to watch out for extra intense emotions. A lot of people's signs are ruled my the moon, making a full moon add tons of emotions to your life. If you have been feeling just a little "off" these past couple days leading up to today, the full moon might be responsible! Take some time to look up your zodiac sign and its relation to the moon to get some insight into your life!! 

Your witchy, emotional, blogger,

Chelsea Mae


All new new new stuff!!!!!!  Books for retirement, happy posters to brighten up your day, pop open thank you cards, pizza note books, colors pencils, journals and so so so much more!!!!!! 

This stuff is so so good, we got in boxes and boxes of new stuff in the past two days! So much stuff that we barely have room for all of it! And we have even more coming in!!!! 



chelsea mae


Back by very very popular demand, the cutest little Halloween figurines ever!!! Hurry and grab yours before I buy them all!!! Muahahaha... Just kidding ;)  

My personal favorite is totally the little devil, and the black cat!  

There are even cute little Indians for Thanksgivnig too!


Chelsea Mae