Greeting Cards with Tarot Wisdom


Lula is now selling gorgeous greeting cards featuring images and messages from Marci's own brand The Symbolic Life! These cards are blank inside for you to write your own personal message to that special someone or to yourself! I won't lie, I have a few of these beauties washi taped onto the wall behind my bed, and they provide me with a little flash of inspiration and comfort every time I look at them. There are many to choose from, so pop in to check them out soon! 


Amy Mae

An Inspired Life


We've all heard about the benfits of journaling, but some of us have trouble figuring out what the heck to write about. Fear not! Lula has just received some sweet journals that offer thought provoking quotes and prompts to inspire you to think, dream, and discover. Stop in soon before they're all gone! Happy writing!



Amy Mae

The Gift of Giving


So I'm not just saying this, I truly enjoy giving gifts more than receiving them. Watching a friend or family member's face light up when they open a present from me makes my heart do a little dance! I love the process of finding the right something for someone - especially something I think they would like but perhaps not buy for themselves.

And the card! OMG, finding the right card is the best part! I like my cards to be beautiful, a little silly, and personal. I feel like people can tell when you just grab the closest card to the register with barely a second thought. It's the thought behind it all that makes giving the magical act that it is. 

These days, I'm incredibly appreciative of the people in my life who I love and who love me, and I relish in the act of letting them know that with tokens of affection and words of appreciation. And not just on special occasions; sometimes on just a random day! So it's no surprise that working at a shop like Lula feeds my soul and inspires my giving like nothing ever has before. 

If you haven't done it in awhile, do yourself a favor and give a little something special to someone special. The more love you give, the more you're bound to receive!

- Amy Mae

Love at Lula...

After last week's Magic Crystal Workshop, I have a newfound appreciation for these natural beauties! I set an intention for finding romanic love and found the perfect mixture of crystals to help realize my goal:

Rose Quartz - for love (including the ever important self-love)

Carnelian - for passion, sexuality, and confidence

Ruby Fuchsite - for opening the heart to love

Ruby in Chalcedony - for assisting in finding new love

Chrysocolla - for overcoming fear of social situations including first dates!

Black Tourmaline - for warding off the assholes (just in case!)

Stop into Lula to create your own goody bag of crystals and see the magic unfold!


Amy Mae

Darling Dinos

Well, I've fallen in love.  I've decided to name her Henrietta.  She is the last darling dino left from the hi tree! collection we got in the shop just days ago!  She needs a home, but if you don't act fast, she's MINE! xoxo,  Amy Mae

Well, I've fallen in love.  I've decided to name her Henrietta.  She is the last darling dino left from the hi tree! collection we got in the shop just days ago!  She needs a home, but if you don't act fast, she's MINE!


Amy Mae

Product Spotlight!

Hello, lovely Lula ladies (and gents)!  Here on Shop Talk, we'll be featuring a product each week that we're especially in love with!

This week our product spotlight shines on these adorable reusable wine bags from Mixt Studio. After gifting a bottle of wine to a friend in one of these bags, your friend then has the opportunity to pass it on when gifting wine to another friend, and so on.  Each giver marks their name, the name of the recipient, the event, and the date on the long tag as they continue to share the bag. It's perfect for toting around your rosé during those upcoming summer nights at the Hollywood Bowl. Stop by Lula to see them yourself!

Last Minute Valentine's!


Haven't gotten your honey anything for Valentine's yet? We've got you covered!  Come into Lula for one of these darling mini floral arrangements made by our friend @thespeckledpetal. Large are priced at $15, while the small version is priced at $12. They'll be arriving and available for purchase on Valentine's Day at Lula!

Care Package Delight!


Have a buddy under the weather? Come into Lula for the cutest mini care package! Some aromatherapy pillow spray will help them sleep, raw rose quartz will help the healing process, and the doggone cutest card ever will make them smile!