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What are students are saying...

What the Students are saying...


Delightfully feminine and morally strong, Marci Mae offers her teaching/coaching abilities through a careful balance of her education, experiences and contemporary intuition.

"It was such a pleasure taking your class yesterday.  You create a learning environment that is so warm and accepting and you are gifted at explaining things in a clear comprehensive way. Your joy and enthusiasm are contagious. I feel so fortunate to be one of your students. Warmest wishes and thanks. "

"Hi Marci, I wanted to thank you for the wonderful cross stitch class last night that I took with my daughter.  She has an anxiety that she just can't seem to beat.  This anxiety bully has been with her since she was 5 and just recently he's raised her level of worry to a new height.  I was hoping that cross stitch could help now again since she would have to focus on the task.  You made this class so fun, warm and inviting.  She is eager to do more patterns and this morning before school she even finished her heart.  Thank you so much!  The outcome would not have been so positive if you weren't our instructor.  A big thank you! "

“Marci, you rock! You are an awesome teacher and have the best energy and classes in LA.”

“Thank you for such an amazing experience with Lula School. The class was super informative and fun. Your enthusiasm and passion is contagious and now I feel more confident than ever to create a business myself.”


“Thank you for such a kick ass class! See you next week for cross stitch! You shared such positive energy to help me find my inner creativity”


“So much fun, fully addicted to embroidery now”


" I'm truly amazed at your kind spirit and loving nature!! I'm a believer that people come into our lives for a reason and Marci through your kindness you have showed me that it's okay to be vulnerable and to share my story of having anxiety and PTSD with others. I am so glad you came into my life!"


“Thank you Marci for giving us such creative freedom in here” 


“This store honestly takes it to another level. They really do sell the best shit ever. And they have so many cool workshops.”


“Marci, you rock! You are an awesome teacher and have the best energy and classes in LA.”


“I can’t think of a better way to start the new year than Lula School. Appreciate all you do to make the world a kinder place.”


“Had a really amazing class at Lula Mae tonight… Thanks Marci for tonight and allowing me to be vulnerable and still feel safe.”


“Best class ever! thanks for your patience and outstanding instructions!…”


“Im obsessed!!!! Thank you gracious host and teacher.”


“Lula School classes are always so much fun. Thank you!”


“Thanks Marci for being so eager to share your talents”


“Thank you so much for the amazing class! I appreciate your time, energy, resources, and the way you shared your story.”


“Marci is a rock star teacher.. it was so awesome to turn our brains off and just have at it creatively.”


“Lula Mae has been a favorite of mine for years now and they have all kinds of amazing classes..”


“Lula School was AWESOME, i can’t wait to go back again!”


“One of Pasadena’s hidden gems! Lula School is one of the most memorable experiences in Old Town. Features snacks (dots cupcakes), a plethora of information, and the guidance to make it seem like you know what you are doing.”


“Lula School is truly one of the things I look forward to when i come to pasadena. What a beautiful gift you have and how wonderful for you to offer it to your lovely students.”


“Class was such fun, as it always is with Lula School! Best classes with the best vibes only.”



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