Halloween Costume Fun


These are so hilarious. And of course I have funny Halloween costume ideas for each mask.... Not only could you be a masked robber or possibly a character from the Purge with any of these, but there are many more options as well!!!! 

Sheep Mask: get a brown body suit. Line your neck with cotton balls or fake fur. Wear a pair of uggs, and BAM you are a UGG BOOT.  

Lion Mask: Jeans, Rasta T Shirt, gold chains, and mask... BAM you are Snoop Lion.

Bunny Mask: Obviously a sexy play boy bunny with this mask would be hilarious. Or a zombie Easter bunny. 

Puppy Mask: HOT DOG- I'd wear a body suit or sweat suit and paint flames all over it. (Snoop Dog costume will also work)

Pig Mask:  pig in a blanket...literally.. Just wear a blanket. 

Bear Mask- Smokey the Bear, chain smoking? Lol  

Or buy one of these for your kid and just let them be the adorable animal!!  

Hope some of of these made you laugh  ;)


Your Halloween freak blogger, 

Chelsea Mae