Moon Rises Tonight — with a Subtle Lunar Eclipse




The full moon is in bloom tonight which means this is the best time to cleanse any crystals you have. Only if they need a good cleansing though! You can cleanse crystals buy keeping them out over night for a full cycle of the moon, but the full moon is the best time to do this. Soaking them in water is optional as well when doing this. Some people don't like using water, but sometimes I like to add some essential oils, or flowers to my water to cleanse them. And when I say cleanse I don't mean it in a physical way, think about it more as re-tuning the crystals energy. This might also be a good time to buy some Moonstone (we have it here in the shop and it is radiating)!! This would be a great time to cleanse a crystal you haven't used in a while, just to give it some good energy, and to recharge its properties.  

This is also a time to watch out for extra intense emotions. A lot of people's signs are ruled my the moon, making a full moon add tons of emotions to your life. If you have been feeling just a little "off" these past couple days leading up to today, the full moon might be responsible! Take some time to look up your zodiac sign and its relation to the moon to get some insight into your life!! 

Your witchy, emotional, blogger,

Chelsea Mae