Lula School

Okay guys, get your learning pants on because Lula School is back!!  

We have so so so many fun classes for you guys!

How to Start Your Own Business is this week! There are a couple spots left and honestly this class is one of the best, straight to the point, helpful classes for anyone interested in business. This class is what got my business up and running, and I've taken it twice!!!!!! 

Another fun one that we have coming up is our Crystal Healing class. This one is especially fun, and you even get to leave with some of your own crystals!  

And of course, my all time favorite class, LEATHER WORK!!! Like c'mon, how bad ass would it be to be able to make your own leather goods.... We all know it's everyone's secret dream to be a Leather Smith... Or is that just me... 


Peace out Lula homies, 

Chelsea Mae