The Gift of Giving


So I'm not just saying this, I truly enjoy giving gifts more than receiving them. Watching a friend or family member's face light up when they open a present from me makes my heart do a little dance! I love the process of finding the right something for someone - especially something I think they would like but perhaps not buy for themselves.

And the card! OMG, finding the right card is the best part! I like my cards to be beautiful, a little silly, and personal. I feel like people can tell when you just grab the closest card to the register with barely a second thought. It's the thought behind it all that makes giving the magical act that it is. 

These days, I'm incredibly appreciative of the people in my life who I love and who love me, and I relish in the act of letting them know that with tokens of affection and words of appreciation. And not just on special occasions; sometimes on just a random day! So it's no surprise that working at a shop like Lula feeds my soul and inspires my giving like nothing ever has before. 

If you haven't done it in awhile, do yourself a favor and give a little something special to someone special. The more love you give, the more you're bound to receive!

- Amy Mae